Random Wednesday Thoughts

Random thoughts for the day:

  • I read an article about yoga today and the whole mind-body connection and something about how it teaches you how to deal with relationships, your relationship with everything, comfortable and uncomfortable ones.  Something like that.  Anyway, for the first time ever yoga sounded appealing to me.  But, I just do not see how my body could twist into those weird positions.  And it certainly couldn’t twist into those weird positions in a group/public class.  Anyone know any good yoga DVDs?  Do they do much good, or is the class/live experience an integral part of the whole yoga thing?
  • I am expanding my exercise horizons.  I’m buying a road bike.  Soon.  I know what you are thinking:  Cindi, do you even know how to ride a bike?  Cindi, don’t you curse those bikers that act like they own the road?  Nope.  And yep.  But, this is the Year of Cindi, right?  And I’m expanding my horizons to cycling.  Stay tuned.
  • It is only March 28th and I’ve already eaten 3 DQ Blizzards this season. Oreo is my flavor of choice so far.  Dang, I love those things.
  • My run today was hilly and felt effortless (8 miles 8:30 pace).  Such a great start to the morning.

7 thoughts on “Random Wednesday Thoughts

  1. i would say a live class is way better than any yoga DVD, especially if you are new to yoga. the instructor (if they are good) should walk around the room correcting everyone’s form. you just don’t get that from a DVD.

    3 DQ blizzards? me too! they are buy one get the second for 99 cents now too!!!! my fave is oreo + cookie dough.

  2. Yoga classes (unless the teacher is really bad) are much less pressure than they look. I’ve only ever had one bad one and I’ve done them on and off for 15 years. You can do it!

    I just had my first Dairy Queen experience in years last Sunday–a dip cone–God, that tasted good. I had forgotten…..alas, I remember now.! :^)

  3. Hilary

    I have some Yoga stuff I can share with you next week when we get together. My co-worker teaches Yoga and she has given me some routines – one is especially for runners!

  4. Wow – apparently me doing yoga classes almost brings as many people out of the woodwork as me posting my swimsuit pictures! Thanks for the responses. Lee – I don’t do classes, ESPECIALLY yoga classes. Seriously, the thought of doing yoga in front of a group of people terrifies me. I’d rather run 2 marathons in a row – that would be less intimidating to me. My body just does not move like I imagine it needs to in yoga and I am the world’s least flexible person! So I need DVDs.

  5. Tina Mielke

    I’ve gone to a couple heat yoga classes and LOVED them.
    I would love to incorporate yoga into my life, but there is just not enough
    hours in the day. I have a DVD, but I prefer the class. I am not one for group
    classes either, but you get in your own zone. Try it out!
    Oh and about your road bike…you should consider doing Iron Girl Du
    in Sept. It’s a fun one. Probably poor timing with you marathon right after.

  6. Maria Pfeiffer

    Count me in w/the others… you will get such an AMAZING experience being in a studio w/others. No judgement, no awkwardness, no competition… find a good studio w/an instructor you’re comfortable with in a beginning class and it will seriously blow your mind as to what is possible in your mind and eventually your body. 🙂

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