I had a fabulous speed workout this morning.  And I attribute it to my Peeps.  (The running kind, not the wonderful-yummy-sugary-goodness kind!)  It was basically the same as last week’s speed workout, but with the goal of making the mile intervals at just faster than 5k pace, rather than 10k pace (which we did last week).  And the 400m intervals ended up being faster pace too.  Best part of all was even though it was faster, it felt easier (I remember being winded last week during it).

Last week:  7 miles (8:12) w/ 1 mile at 10k pace (7:07), 5x400m at LT (6:37; 6:38; 6:41; 6:27; 6:37), 1 mile at 10k (7:10)

This week:  9 miles (8:05) w/ 1 mile at faster than 5k pace (6:53), 5x400m at LT (6:15; 6:10; 6:24; 6:16; 6:29), 1 mile at faster than 5k 10k (6:54)

Love seeing and feeling improvement!

So, what is the difference this week?  I honestly think it’s from the power of the group. From my Running Peeps.  I didn’t run with the group this morning, but I was thinking about them, which I haven’t done for months.  Just running with them on Saturday, after months of running alone, was very motivating.  Today while I was running, I imagined pushing myself a bit harder because of them.  And I think that made a positive difference.


Random thoughts floating around in my head:

  • Carter told me “No offense mom, but watching a marathon is really boring.  We wait for like 45 minutes for you to come by and then you zip past us in a few seconds and we do that like 8 times.”  I will miss their motivating presence in Lansing!
  • Exciting new stuff happening in life.
  • I have actually cooked real meals for the kids two nights in a row!  Last night’s dinner got a 5 out of 10 stars.  Boo.  Tonight’s dinner smells good, so we’ll see if I can get some more stars.
  • It feels SO good to have life/work calm down and now just be “normal” busy.  I feel much more relaxed and balanced already.
  • Peeps!  The wonderful-yummy-sugary-goodness kind.  Love those things!

One thought on “Peeps!

  1. That is awesome. You seem to be in incredible shape. I think a sub-3:35 is easily doable for you so long as the weather cooperates! I think sub-3:30 is too, but I understand why you want to be conservative.

    What is LT? I usually think of that as lactate threshold, but those paces are way faster than your lactate threshold.

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