21 miles of hills!

Today I ran long with the group for the first time since early January.  It was great to have company and people to push me.  I for sure would have faded if I was on my own.  As it was, I was tired and a bit crabby towards the end.  We ran out of one of the other clubs this time, so that we could run hills.  So the whole run ended up being 21.25 hilly miles, 8:24 pace.  Felt very happy to be done!  So this was 20(+) miler number 5 of the training cycle.  Mixing things around this time so that I could do my last 20 miler with the Boston peeps.  So instead of 20 miles next week I’ll do 17 – 18, but with more pace work mixed in.  Then 16, then 10, then race!

Tonight is filled with more of the running group, but this time we are hitting the town and turning into a drinking group.  🙂  The past couple days have been really different for me.  Back to normal in some ways.  Moving forward in others.

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