1 Month Til Race Day!

One month from today and I’ll be in some major pain.  The good kind.  The post marathon can’t-walk-up-or-down-stairs-pain.  Love that kind of pain.

Tonight is, just about literally, the first time that I’ve had to breathe since December, in terms of work stuff. I am finally finished with my four trials and with most of the catch up stuff.  Now I just have normal work stuff.  Whew!

SO, tonight I sat down and thought about goal times for Lansing.  I feel like I’m in good shape.  It’s a little hard for me to gauge because I haven’t raced recently and because I’ve been doing all my runs by myself this training cycle.  But, I feel like I’m in PR shape.  So what should my goal be?  3:42:19 (8:29 pace) is my PR.  That SHOULD be good enough to guarantee me an actual entry into Boston since they dropped the standards by 5 minutes for next year (my age group time for 2013 is 3:45)  But, it seems like everyone in the running world is trying to run faster and faster, so you never know.  So I want to at least get 5 minutes under my BQ time (so sub 3:40:00 which is an 8:23 pace) so that I can get in the earlier registration slot.  That is my B goal.  My real goal is 10 minutes under BQ time (so sub 3:35:00 which is an 8:12 pace).  I really think this is do-able.  Truthfully, I think I’m in shape to do even faster, but I don’t NEED to do faster, so I don’t want to get too greedy and blow up.

Ultimately, it will depend on the weather and how I feel on race day.  But right now I’m going on record as saying that I want a 3:34:19, which would be a 10 minute PR and which would allow me to register with the BQ-10 group.  That’s the plan.  Stay tuned!

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