Lansing Marathon Week #10 recap

Today was really the first time that I started picturing the marathon itself and started thinking about how I can’t wait to run another marathon.  I love everything about the marathon.  I love the anticipation of it.  I love the race itself.  I love seeing different courses.  Love seeing the crowd support.  Love seeing the emotion of the other runners.  Love the highs and lows that I experience along the course.  Love the pain (sick, I know).  Love hitting mile 25 and knowing that I am going to make it.   Love crying and dropping F-bombs along the course and swearing that I’ll never run another marathon again.  ove crossing the finish line and having another marathon under the belt. Love thinking about when my next marathon will be, within minutes of crossing the finish line.  I love the marathon!

This should have been a bigger mileage week, since I had a monster of a long run.  But I ended up taking two days COMPLETELY off of training – not even one little plank on either of those days.  I wanted to do some running or cross today, but was crazy busy with life stuff.  And then one of my days was zero running and just pilates.  So I guess I can’t complain about 40+ miles in only 4 days of running this week.  It’s all good.  I still feel really really good about where I am at with my training.

Week #10 recap:

  • Miles run: 41.6
  • Pilates: 3 times


  • M: 8.3 miles (8:25) w/ 8 x .25 (1st 4 at 2 mile pace, 2nd 4 at mile pace) and 2 x .50 (at 10 mile pace)
  • T: pilates
  • W: 5.3 miles (9:21); pilates
  • Th: 6 hilly miles (8:53)
  • F: complete rest day
  • Sa: 22 miles (9:08)
  • Su: complete rest day

48 days til race day!

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