Random Friday Thoughts

Random thoughts from the week:

  • When I was wearing my Lulu yoga pants one day this week my 14 year old daughter looked at me and told me “Mom, your butt situation has really improved lately.”  Ummm, thank you.  I think.
  • I think every trial lawyer should also be a marathoner.  I am looking forward to 22 miles by myself tomorrow so that I can organize an entire 4 day trial in my head.  I’ve been prepping the minutia that is involved with a trial for hours, days, weeks on end.  But what I really need is 3 solid hours of thinking to organize it from a big picture perspective.  22 miles should allow me to do that just fine!
  • I felt a cold coming on this week but told myself that I COULD NOT afford to get sick.  Between that and the glass-of-red-wine-a-day remedy, my cold was officially kicked in the butt before it really got started.
  • There seem to be an increase in fugitives, based on the number of searches I’m getting that land people on my blog when they search “how to run from the law”.  I should probably add a legal disclaimer somewhere in the fine print of my blog, huh?
  • Have I mentioned that I’m loving life lately?  🙂  I am.  Things are good.

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