LIVE, instead of just living!

I feel like things have turned a corner for me.  I feel positive.  Engergized.  Renewed. Hopeful.

Today I was talking with someone about our World Views and described mine as wanting to LIVE, instead of just living.  That’s my new motto.  🙂

So, in the spirit of my new motto, the kids and I celebrated Leap Day (a day early) with cupcakes.  Because cupcakes are awesome.  And we couldn’t wait another second to have a treat.  🙂

I have an insanely busy 10 days ahead of me, with a trial next week and a big running week this week (22 miles for the long run!). But then it is time to RELAX on a much needed vacation to the 8th Coolest Small Town in America.  You all do not even know how badly I need time to just veg out, eat, drink, sleep, lounge, run – all with my favorite people in the world:  the kids, my parents, my sibs and my niece.  The countdown is on!

Incidently, why does it always seem like the crappiest weather weeks happen on the highest mileage weeks?  I might actually have to hit the dreaded treadmill tomorrow if the roads are as icy as they are saying they may be.

Happy Leap Day tomorrow people!  Have yourself a cupcake to celebrate.  LIVE, instead of just living!  🙂

3 thoughts on “LIVE, instead of just living!

  1. You’re sounding good good good, Cindi! I’ll have a cupcake in your honor on Sunday (gave ’em up for Lent, but Sundays don’t count). Fingers crossed the weather lets you run outside.

  2. Love the new attitude and motto:) I have a feeling it’s going to lead to a lot of great and amazing things now and in the near future! Enjoy the vacation and good luck with the big training week!

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