I’m in!

I’m in the Gary Bjorkland (Grandma’s) Half Marathon – made the lottery!  Who else is in?  I’m excited to “only” be running the half in Duluth this time.  That’ll make it easier to partake in the post-race fun!

Had a great speed workout this morning.  8.3 miles with 8 x 400m (1st 4 at even pace, next 4 faster) (1:45, 1:43, 1:44, 1:45, 1:40, 1:40, 1:40, 1:41) and 2 x 800m at 10 mile pace (7:16 pace).  I was disappointed that I couldn’t make the last 4 400’s progressively faster like they were supposed to be.  I’m gonna go ahead and blame it on the 20 mph winds!  🙂

Gonna Make Today Count!

4 thoughts on “I’m in!

  1. Awesome job!!! Coach is very proud and impressed of that workout and how well you did with it outdoors in the cold and massive wind!! I’m also happy the strong winds did not blow you up into a tree and you were able to blog about this run!! Congrats on the 1/2 marathon you now can race all the other elites as this is a championship race. we better get to work take that time down to a 1:15!! 🙂

  2. Congrats on the race entry! You’ll enjoy the half!! I decided to run the full thing this year so I’ll be a bit farther back on race day. Luckily my house is only 10 minutes from the finish line. At least on any other weekend, that is!

      1. It was weird to start training by cutting down mileage. I was running 30-40 miles a week in January and the first couple of weeks in February. Coach was getting mad at us for going over the planned mileage once training started. This is week 3 of 18. I’m getting nervous and excited about what pace I could actually run this in. The Fargo half will be a good predictor in May.

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