Lansing Marathon Training, Week #9 recap

I’m now officially more than 1/2 way through this training cycle.  8 more weeks to go.  I feel like I’m in a really good place with my running and like there is still enough time to get to an even better place.

This week was much better rounded than last – with cross training and lots of pilates (guess posting swimsuit pictures really was motivation!).   Still  no weights though.  Just can’t seem to make time for that.

Lansing Marathon Training, week #9 recap:

  • Miles run: 43.5
  • Biking: 50 minutes
  • Other cross: 50 minutes (elliptical and stairs – BORING!)
  • Pilates:  5 times!


  • M: 7.25 miles (8:26) (w/ 3 LT miles at 7:22, 7:26, 7:28)
  • T: bike 50 minutes; pilates
  • W: 7 miles (8:28) (w/ hills); pilates
  • Th: 8.1 miles (8:56)
  • F: 50 minutes elliptical and bike; pilates
  • Sa: 16 miles (8:40) (hilly); pilates
  • Su: 5.2 miles (9:19); pilates

55 days until race day!

Big mileage week coming up this week with a 21 – 22 miler on tap for next weekend.  Yipee!

One thought on “Lansing Marathon Training, Week #9 recap

  1. Cindi, thanks for the comment about my son! Yes, he does look like me, poor child! :^)

    You’ve sounded great in your last two posts. Almost makes me jealous of the 21-miler…..almost….

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