Loving Life!

Having a great couple days!  Life is good.  🙂  Fun stuff happening.

Ran 16 miles filled with rolling hills today.  8:40 pace average.  Felt great.  Perhaps a bit dehydrated toward the end (which ends up showing up in my legs.  Is that weird that I can feel dehydration in my legs?)

Here is what I love about training:  When paces that were once hard, now feel easy.  Check out my long run paces for this training cycle!

  • 14 miles (8:14)
  • 13 miles (8:33)
  • 13.1 miles (7:41) (race)
  • 14.6 miles (8:18)
  • 15.7 miles (8:32) (hilly)
  • 16.1 miles (9:22)
  • 13 miles (9:17) (horrible, no good run)
  • 20.3 miles (8:37)
  • 20 miles (8:37)
  • 16 miles (8:26)
  • 16 miles (8:40) (hilly)

I love love love that most of these runs were at a pace that I used to consider marathon pace.  And what is basically now my BQ pace.  Time to start thinking on goal race time.  Thinking that I’m gonna go for it – something fast.  🙂

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