I’m Having A . . .

. . .  Puppy!

Norah rotates with the kids.  So I decided I need a full time dog of my own, so I ended up putting a deposit down on another King Charles Cavalier Spaniel puppy!  🙂  I get second pick of the litter.  Like any good mom, I’d be happy with either sex.  But, I’m crossing my fingers for a black and tan colored boy.   The breeder described girl cavaliers as “loving their owner”, but boy cavaliers being “in love with their owner”.   I could use a little bit of love.  🙂

Puppy isn’t born until March sometime and will be ready to come home to me in May.  Fun!


Today’s speedy stuff was different.  Instead of doing intervals, like I’ve been doing the past 8 weeks, coach had us do a sustained anaerobic threshold run.  3 miles at pace that was a bit slower than 5k pace.  It ended up being a challenging run for me.   Uncomfortably hard, I’d say.  The 3 miles were:  7:21, 7:25; 7:27.  I was disappointed in these times.  I thought they’d be closer to 7:05ish.   Finished up with 10 x 100m sprints.  While I like the intervals, I feel like runs like today end up preparing me for the marathon better.  They seem harder.  And they seem like they build up my endurance better.  Definitely build up the mental stamina better.

Must do pilates and core this week.  Someone remind me.



3 thoughts on “I’m Having A . . .

  1. so stinking cute! you have to start thinking about names!

    that speedwork definitely sounds better than intervals. i’ll have to give it a try. i’m so over speedwork right about now. can’t wait to stick it on the backburner after boston.

  2. Hey – do your pilates!

    Those pups are super cute – congrats.

    That run does sound hard. That has to be relatively close to 5K pace, which is going to be supah hard outside a race setting. So don’t beat yourself up too much. I have been doing a lot of intervals too and actually am looking forward to more of a sustained threshold run like that. Although my goal pace will be a bit slower (7:17). Happy running. 🙂

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