I’m alive!

I’m alive!

Just been crazy busy.  Something had to give, so it was blogging.  My mom is in Mexico this week, so that means I only have 4 blog readers this week, so I don’t feel quite as guilty about not blogging!

Here are some things I learned this week:

  • Making time for running makes more time for everything. (I had a trial this week and didn’t feel like I had enough time to run, but I made time and, as a result, think that I budgeted my other time better and was more energized and more productive)
  • You don’t need a significant other to have a great Valentine’s Day.  My Valentine’s Day dinner was with the two loves of my life at a local place and we had the best time – just goofing around and enjoying our time together.  Plus, my mom sent me a bright pink scarf, which is always something that puts a smile on my face!
  • Work hard, keep your fingers crossed and justice will prevail.
  • Planks are a pain in the ass.

Running this week has been way off  “the schedule”, but still pretty darn good.  The speed workout challenged me though.  It was 9 miles total, with 2 x 1 mile at a pace that was supposed to be progressively faster, starting at 10k, then 5k, then eventually all out.  I was disappointed with my times, which seemed like what would be a 10k pace for the whole thing (though they felt harder).  They were like 7:23 and 7:18.  I’m chalking it up to little sleep and lots of work.  Then after the 2 x 1 mile, it was 6 x 400m at a pace that you could sustain for all 6.  I ended up with consistent times (1:42; 1:42; 1:42; 140; 141; 142) which was about a 6:50ish pace.  But, looking back on my running log from last cycle, those paces were faster (1:35) for 12 of them.  But that was at the end of my marathon training too.

Cut back week for long run this week.  Only 16 miles.  I can’t wait for hours of Cindi time!

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