Balance Restored and Lansing Marathon Training Week #7

This week was jam-packed with work, life and running.  It’s all good though.  I finally feel like things are a little more balanced.  This is embarrassing to admit, but for the first time since November of last year (seriously! pathetic, I know!), I actually went out with adults without kids.  And when it rains it pours.  Not only did I go out, but I went out TWO nights in a row.  And, in between going out at night, I squeezed in happy hour with a new friend.  Super glad that I forced myself to get out.  It’s one of those things where I felt like I didn’t have the time (work is insanely busy) or the energy to get out, but once I did it I realized I’ve been missing friendship and adult companionship.

And running this week has been great!  Which is surprising considering the insane amount of hours I’ve been putting in at work.

Today was 20 miler #2 of the Lansing training cycle.  It was (once again) by myself, since I couldn’t justify the extra time it would take to meet the group yesterday.  My plan was to run most of the miles easy-ish (8:40 – 8:50) and throw in marathon pace miles for miles 5, 10, 15 and 20 just to keep me interested.  I love Daniels type workouts like this.  They make the long distance so much more manageable when running on your own.  So, anyway, it was a success!  20 miles done at 8:37 pace (which includes my 1:30 potty break), with miles 5, 10, 15 and 20 at 7:59, 8:02, 7:59 and 8:05.  Yipee!

I followed up the 20 miles with an ice bath.  Tonight I’ll do an epsom bath and a glass of red wine and I should be good as new tomorrow.  (I actually feel completely fine already; no residual soreness).

Lansing Marathon Training, Week #7 Recap

  • Miles run:  52.5
  • Pilates: 4 times
  • Planks:  2   (pathetic!)  🙂

The details:

  • M: pilates;  9.1 miles (8:19) w/ 6 x 1000m intervals (10k pace, dropping to 5k, then to fast)
  • T: pilates; 4.1 miles (9:25)
  • W: 6.1 miles (8:49) w/ 5 x .25 hill repeats
  • Th: 7.2 miles (9:01)
  • F: pilates
  • Sa: pilates; 6.1 miles (8:46)
  • Su: 20 miles (8:37)

69 days til race day!

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