You Know You’re A Running Nerd When . . .

You Know You’re a Running Nerd When:

  • Your garmin won’t upload to your running log so you spend hours trying to figure it out, because you feel like the miles don’t “count” if they aren’t in your log.
  • You have the countdown clock on for your next marathon and you don’t even need to look to see how many days you have left (74 days til Lansing, in case anyone is wondering)
  • Your decision about how many glasses of wine to have with dinner is inversely related to how many miles you have to log in the morning.
  • Someone asks you what you think of the Jack Daniels philosophy and your first thought is of the Daniels Running Formula and not how many shots it would take to make you act silly.
  • You can tell someone, without hesitation, exact directions for a 3 mile, 5 mile, 10 mile, 15 mile and 20 mile route from your front door.
  • You go to work with your hair still damp and your cheeks still flushed, but you are ok with looking like a wreck because it meant that you got 3 extra miles logged.
  • You see the following cities listed and you understand immediately what the list is about*:  Berlin, Boston, Chicago, London and New York City
  • You think the Boston to Big Sur Challenge actually sounds fun, and you put it on your bucket list.
  • Your idea of down time is drinking a glass of red wine (but only one, because you have an early morning killer hill workout) and blogging about “You Know You’re A Runner Nerd When . . .”

*Bonus points to the first Running Nerd to comment with what these cities mean, and extra bonus points to any non-running nerds that read my blog who comment with what they thought of when they saw these cities listed!

5 thoughts on “You Know You’re A Running Nerd When . . .

  1. I hadn’t heard of the Boston to Big Sur Challenge before, that sounds awesome! Right now my big one is 7 on 7. That one is gonna require some saving up though. There aren’t many flights to Antarctica unfortunately.

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