Lansing Marathon Training, Week #6 recap

Am I the only one who really doesn’t give a crap about the Super Bowl?  Maybe it’s cause I wasn’t invited anywhere to watch it, so I’m bitter?  Nope, I think it’s just cause I don’t really care about it.  I will confess, I have it on, while I blog, do my taxes and a bit of work.  Only so I’m not completely clueless when everyone is talking/tweeting about the commercials and entertainment.

But we DO love the Puppy Bowl in our house.

When’s it gonna start?!

That terrier is playing dirty!

Lansing Marathon, Week #6 recap:

After two not-so-great weeks, I finally had a great week of training.  Got in all the scheduled workouts.  Pilates returned.  Biking returned, a bit.  Weights sort of returned (just arms, but still).  AND even planks returned.  Sort of.   I did one plank.  🙂  I’m really happy with the quality of the workouts that I managed.  Work has still been crazy busy, but I’m taking it a day at a time and trying to prioritize things.  Including sleep.  I was MUCH better about getting 6.5 – 7 hours of sleep a night.


Miles run:  46.9

Pilates:  4 times!  Woot!

Weights: 1 time!  Woot!  (Just arms, but still)

Biking:  70 minutes!  Woot!

The details:

  • M: 3 miles (9:26); pilates (abs); 8.4 miles (8:21) w/ 12x300m at mile pace and 2 x 800m at marathon pace
  • T: pilates (buns & thighs)
  • W: 7.2 miles (8:49) (w/ hill repeats); pilates (abs)
  • Th: 8.1 miles (9:05)
  • F: pilates (advanced)
  • Sa:  20.25 miles (8:37) w/ 6 progression miles
  • Su: 70 minutes biking; weights (arms)

76 days until race day!

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