20 Miles of Awesomeness!

Today’s 20 miler was one of those runs where everything just feels right.  Where you are thankful to be alive.  Thankful for the gorgeous weather (30 degrees, no wind, clear streets, gorgeous frost on all the tree branches).  Thankful just to be running.

Ended up with 20.25 miles in 2:54:16 (8:37 pace).  But I stopped for 1 minute and 31 seconds for bathroom/drink, so really total running time was less and average pace better. 🙂   Although I know in a race I can’t stop the clock, so I didn’t.  Anyway, I followed coach’s instructions to a T.  First 10 miles were between 8:36 – 8:44 pace.  Then miles 11 – 16 were progression miles (8:27, 8:26, 8:23, 8:19, 8:11, 8:09).  Then last 4 miles were back to conversation pace (8:48, 8:28, 8:43, 8:32).   No issues, no aches, no pains.  Just 20.25 miles of pure awesomeness!

Birthday dinner with my sister at Cheesecake Factory tonight, so will be consuming all the calories I just burned, plus some, in delicious cheesecake.  🙂

4 thoughts on “20 Miles of Awesomeness!

  1. Tina

    I thought of you on my run today and hoped
    That you had a fabulous run. I agree with
    You, very beautiful morning for a run. Have
    Fun tonight! I love Cheesecake Factory!

  2. that is 20 miles of awesomeness! i hope you got a piece of cheesecake all to yourself (i never share my dessert!).

    so funny, my average pace on my 17.5 miler was 8:38 😉 and it was a progression run.

  3. Great long run! I LOVE LOVE LOVE 20+ milers…long runs rock 🙂 I’m so jealous!!!

    Unless you plan on stopping for a drink or break during your marathon, there is nothing wrong with stopping you watch if you stop for a drink during your training. When I lived in FL, if I didn’t stop my watch for traffic lights/water fountains (when Matt wasn’t along to hand me fluids)/whatever I’d have no idea what my actual training pace was!

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