The 20 Mile Run

My first 20 miler of of the Lansing Marathon training cycle is tomorrow morning.  And I can’t wait!  Cindi time has been seriously lacking lately, so the thought of having 3 hours with just me and my thoughts is SO welcome to me.

As I sit here and think about running 20 miles tomorrow, it occurs to me:  20 miles is a really frickin long way to run!  Most people don’t even DRIVE 20 miles without packing some snacks in the car.

Which got me thinking about the first time that I ran 20 miles.  So I went back to my old runnin-from-the-law blogspot blog (remember that thing!?) and looked it up.  It was during my training for Twin Cities, my first marathon.  It was July 26, 2008.  It was 68 degrees and sunny.  I did 3+ loops of the 6.2 mile loop at Baker.  I developed some ugly blisters.

Pretty feet, I do not have. 

Check out my details from my 1st 20 miler:

20.25 miles in 3:34:40. 10:37 pace.

1-10:11 (148)
2-10:46 (156)
3-11:02 (151)
4-11:21 (157)
5-11:24 (164)
6-11:24 (163)
7-11:06 (153)
8-10:52 (149)
9-10:13 (150)
10-10:26 (148)
11-10:12 (150)
12-10:01 (148)
13-10:06 (151)
14-10:14 (153)
15-10:04 (158)
16-9:58 (156)
17-10:03 (160)
18-10:33 (159)
19-11:12 (156)
20-10:45 (159)
.25 – 2:37 (10:25 pace) (158)

Wow!  What a difference several years and 8 marathons makes!  3:34:40 That is a slooow 20 miler. I hope plan to run 26.2 miles faster than that in April!

Anyway, I also got to wondering how many 20 milers I’ve actually run.  So, since I’m anal and have virtually every step that I’ve run since August 2006 recorded, I looked it up.  And, since I’m sure all 5 of my blog readers are dying to know the details, I’ll share:

  • 20 mile training runs:  17
  • 21 mile training runs: 3
  • 22 mile training runs: 6
  • 26.2 mile races:  8

While that SOUNDS like a lot of 20+ mile runs, it’s actually only 26 training runs, which is 3.25 per marathon.  Which probably explains why some of my marathons have sucked.  I think a person needs to do more than three  20 milers per training cycle to have a decent marathon.   I know Kristi plans on doing five 20 milers before Boston.  I believe Coach MB has us doing 5 this time around as well.  I love me my long runs.  To me, they are the best preparation for the marathon.  Bring it.

And, for the record, since August 2006 I’ve run 9,607.2 miles.  Should hit 10,000 miles in the next couple months.  Sounds like as good of a reason as any to order a bakery cake and celebrate, huh?

2 thoughts on “The 20 Mile Run

  1. i love 20-milers. for my past 2 marathons, i’ve done 5 and it definitely helps. i think 20 miles is such a bittersweet distance – hard enough but not marathon hard. enjoy!

    1. I agree. I also have really noticed that if I don’t treat a 20 miler with the proper respect it deserves (i.e. if I eat crappy, don’t hydrate, don’t sleep well, drink more than a drink or 2, etc) on the day(s) leading up to it, that it can be a really demoralizing experience. I think treating it like a mini-race is the best way to have a solid run and, therefore, build confidence in the training.

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