This was the best day in a long time.  Not one particular thing made it so great.  It’s more that a combination of things just came together and made it a great day.  I feel like balance has been restored in my life (for today at least!).   Last week was so UNBALANCED with my days filled with little else but work.  Today was the opposite.  It was filled with running (TWO runs), pilates, quality catch up at work, a fabulous conversation with someone who means a lot to me, red wine, pasta and cookies.  🙂

My main workout of the day was a super fun speed session.  I decided to do it by myself, rather than meet the group tonight.  Mostly because it was gorgeous out (43 degrees!  On January 30th!  In Minnesota!), but also because I didn’t want to take the time to drive 30 minutes each way to meet the group.  So, off I went.

8.4 miles total with 12 x 300 meters (.20 for the mathematically challenged) at mile pace (with the first 8 being consistent and then the last 4 being faster), with 1 minute recovery jog in between, then 2 x 800 meters at marathon pace with 300m jog in between.  Plus warm up and cool down miles.  I wasn’t entirely sure what my mile pace should be – so i went by feel and ended up with the first 8 being between 6:34 – 6:45ish pace.  The last 4 were between 6:15 – 6:25ish pace.  In looking at the Daniels charts now, maybe I should have done all faster.  But they FELT like what I would be able to race a mile in.  And, considering that my last two weeks of training have sucked, I’m happy with it.

The best part about this workout was the 2 x 800m at marathon pace.  They ended up being 7:43 pace and 7:55 pace.  Faster than what I would run a marathon at, but it FELT slow, like marathon pace.  I love doing speed work like this where we do super fast stuff at the beginning and then mix in marathon pace stuff.  Makes marathon pace seem so relaxed and easy!


So the speed session was my 2nd run of the day.  Why?  I did 3 ultra easy miles (9:20) this morning before work, as well as pilates abs.  I wasn’t sure I’d be able to get to the speed session tonight and I wanted to do something, so I did some easy miles and figured that I’d be ok with that as my only workout for the day if life interfered.  Very happy life didn’t interfere!


I’m working on plans for a spring work/running get away.  Stay tuned.

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