Whew!  Got a run in today finally.  Tonight actually.  It SEEMS like I skipped more than 2 days, because my last run was Monday morning (5 easy) and then I didn’t run until after work tonight.  So it feels like ages.  It’s funny how (some of) my stress started to literally feel like it was melting away with the first step of my run.  Ended up getting a modified version of the speed workout I was supposed to do Monday in.  8 miles w/ 6 x .30 miles  at 5k pace (7:03, 7:15; 7:06; 6:44; 6:51; 6:57) and then 4 x .15 miles at fast (6:18; 6:25; 6:28; 6:59).

First 18 miler of the training cycle on Saturday.  Should be interesting after an absolutely exhausting week of work, with poor (and not enough) nutrition and 5 hours of sleep most nights this week.  I literally set my alarm for 2:57 AM and got up that early to work yesterday.  It’s definitely not as fun to get up at crazy hours for work as it is for running.

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