Tonight I feel like I could start running and just run forever.  I’m so frustrated and just not understanding life.  I feel like I’m always looking for answers, and they are never there.  Uggggg.  I’m rambling.  Just really really really frustrated right now.  Anyway, I’m thankful I got 5 miles in early this morning because the day was ultra-packed and I wouldn’t have gotten a run in at all if I had waited.  Crossing my fingers that the answers come soon.  Or that I can find peace with the fact that they will never come.

2 thoughts on “Uggggg

  1. :(. People keep telling me how frustrated I sound lately (for very minor issues compared to yours!!!). It is making me more frustrated!!! Feel free to jump on a plane to CO for a while and we can whine over some wine for a while 🙂

    So sorry you are having to deal with all this.

    1. Thanks jen. Hope you are doing ok. I’ve been a bad blog reader and not keeping up with everyone! I will definitely keep colorado in mind. I could definitely use a get-away! now I just need TIME to get away!

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