Good Things

Good Things About Today:

  • I started the day with 16 miles.  By myself.  Just me and my thoughts.  The time FLEW by and I sorted out so much stuff that has needed sorting.  A productive 2 1/2 hours for sure!
  • The car in front of me at the Caribou drive through paid for me!  This is the first time that’s happened (I’ve paid for the car behind me 4 or 5 times).  I was particularly excited because I had the kids with me and so the bill was more pricey than normal: $8.  (I wonder if the person that paid for it had second thoughts when the cashier told her the total??)  Anyway, that was such a bright spot!  Must pay-it-forward soon.
  • I worked all afternoon and came home to the BEST surprise:  the kids had cleaned the house for me and shoveled the whole driveway and sidewalk.  JUST what I needed, since I’ve been neglecting the household stuff.  See yesterday’s post.  Now if only some magical person would come in and take care of this pile of bills and mail that has gone neglected all week??!
  • Red wine and cookies.

2 thoughts on “Good Things

  1. Great job on the run!! I’ve been doing many of my long runs with friends recently, which I never used to do…I love social runs but it reminds me that I have to make time for “me” runs once in awhile. It’s nice to just focus on your own run and your thoughts and not on chatting once in awhile!

  2. Glad you had such a good day! That makes me want to pay for the person behind me next time I’m in line for something. And what good kids! :^)

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