On both a macro and micro level, our lives are all about choices.   Every day we face a myriad of choices.  And on a bigger scale, we need to make some very fundamental choices that affect how we will live our lives, what kind of person we want to be, and the direction in which our lives will move.  Even if you think you aren’t making a choice, by being inert you are making a choice.  You are choosing to let life and others and the status quo dictate your happiness, future and destiny, instead of taking steps to be in control of your own destiny.

What the hell does this have to do with me and with running, since this is a running blog?

My week has been ALL about choices.

At times this week I’ve chosen to put my work (my clients) above all else.  Being a lawyer is difficult.  We have our own stress (all 5 of my blog readers know I certainly have my own stressful issues lately and now).  And if that isn’t enough, we take on our client’s stress.  When it boils down to it – that is my job as a lawyer.  Sure, a side job is to actually win for our client.  But I would argue that a lawyer’s biggest job is to do her job so that the client can stress less, in what is already probably the most stressful thing they’ve ever dealt with.  Make sense?  Maybe not unless you are a lawyer or have needed to use a lawyer.  Anyway, the week started off with a two day trial (which seems so long ago already) and then went right into one work thing after another and there is no end in sight. (Alright, that’s an exaggeration, the end is potentially the first week in April, just in time for taper for the Lansing Marathon!).  So anyway, while I was in trial and with a few other work things after that, I have chosen to completely ignore everything else.  Running. My kids.  My sleep.  My house.  Everything.  And I’m ok with that choice.  It was necessary.

One day this week I chose to put my son, and attending his basketball game, above all else.  His games all season have been away games, at times when I was at work and not able to make it.  So finally his first home game was scheduled for Thursday.  I still had 1001 work and life things on my to-do list.  But he wanted me there.  So I went and it was great.  I tried to sneak out when the “A” team game was starting (he’s on the “B” team) and he saw me and came over and asked where I was going.  I said I was gonna go home and do house stuff and make dinner and work for an hour and that I’d be back.  His little face looked so disappointed.  I asked if he wanted me to stay and watch the A team.  He said yes.  So I chose to stay even though I had a million things to do and even though he wasn’t actually playing.  But he kept looking over at me from across where he was sitting on the bench, and seeing him content to know I was there for him made me happy with my choice.

For two hours this week, I chose me.  I didn’t have time for a cut and foil, but I desperately needed it.  And I knew that I could adjust my schedule and get up earlier and work to make up the 2 hours I’d miss, so I did it.  And I look and feel great.  🙂  So I’m happy with my choice.

I chose to skip all of the group runs this week.  When I run with the group it realistically adds on a good 60 – 90 minutes.  20 minutes drive time each way.  10 minutes of waiting around for the whole group to get here.  20 – 30 minutes of extra getting ready time, related to my GI issues.   Don’t ask.  🙂   So – I chose to skip the group runs and run on my own.  And, even though I love the push the group gives me, as well as the social time, I’m ok with my choice to skip it this week.

I chose to skip runs this week.  They were on the schedule.  But I had too much work.  And it was too cold.  And I felt like other priorities (work and kids) needed to take precedence this week.  So I didn’t run first thing in the morning (at all!).  And I was ok with the fact that by skipping it first thing, my run might not happen.  Luckily, things worked out and I was still able to get several runs in (but at ODD hours, for me, and in CRAZY cold windy conditions).  Even though the weekly run schedule (and weights, ugggg) haven’t panned out as scheduled, I’m ok with my choice to put the runs on the back burner and just see what happens.

I have chosen to skip blogging this week.  And you know I love blogging.  But I have seriously been THAT crazy busy.  Even now, I have an insane amount of work to do, but I am choosing to blog because I know my 5 readers have been missing me (at least Jasmine has, she messaged me!)  🙂  So please don’t worry, readers, I’m alive and well.

The most important choice I’ve made this week, in my opinion, is to not stress about all the things I have going on, the issues I am trying to deal with and the questions that I want answered but that continue to go unanswered.  I’m choosing to take things one day at a time.  I’m choosing to just take things one item at a time.  Choosing to just be.

5 thoughts on “Choices

  1. Jasmine Jonell

    Glad to hear everything is good, just crazy busy. I really admire you, and your discipline, tenacity, and perseverance. If you ever need help with anything let me know, especially law related. I’m always trying to get experience!! Hope you get a few moments to yourself to just relax.

  2. I can definitely relate! Prioritizing and taking it day by day is the best approach when things get crazy – you definitely wouldn’t be doing yourself any favors by trying to do every scheduled run. We’re not professional runners – we have busy lives and sometimes life is more important. Especially putting yourself and your health and sanity first! 🙂

  3. Lora

    Some tough choices, but it sounds like it all worked out ok. For all of us who don’t make our living through our running, this happens at times. Glad to hear you’re doing ok!

    (and I haven’t blogged since December… just not into it right now!)

  4. I can totally relate too. And kudos for the choices you made. I get stresses at times like that too and wonder if I am making the right choices. Some we have to make (for example because that is what we are retained to do and we love our job; some because the look on our kid’s face will make us switch up anything we can absent dire consequences). I am glad you are busy with trials. I am glad Carter wanted you there. I am glad your running group no doubt missed you. You are doing lots of things right. Even if they are stressful. 🙂

  5. I think this is what your son was trying to tell you-
    ‎”There is one thing that we can do, and the happiest people are those who can do it to the limit of their ability. We can be completely present. We can be all here. We can…give all our attention to the opportunity before us.” – Mark Van Doren

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