Youch.  It’s only 4 hours post long run and I’m already feeling it.  We did a hilly 15.7 miles today, 8:31 pace avg.  Since we are training with the Boston group we are trying to incorporate a bunch of hills into the long runs.  Overkill for me for the Lansing Marathon, which is supposed to be pretty flat.  But should make me stronger.


How about those Olympic Marathon Trials?!  Holy crap those are some speedy men and women.   And dang, those ladies don’t have an ounce of fat on them – talk about defined abs.  Bet they don’t inhale Dove Chocolate and red wine like I do.  Must work on better eating habits!


Have you seen Crashed Ice?  We are going to watch the championships tonight.  That is some crazy stuff, barreling down an icy hilly course on skates?!  Nuts!

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