Crashed Ice Fun!

Me and Carter braving the cold at Crashed Ice

Well I needed that.  Getting out for a night.  It was fun to go to dinner at my parents and then Crashed Ice championships with Carter.  (That Crashed Ice is some crazy stuff – it’s on tv – ESPN I think, next Friday or Saturday.  Watch it.  It’s insane!)  Anyway, I really really needed a night out.  All I’ve done this week is work (a crazy amount of hours), run the kids around and run.  I’ve been trying to keep busy to push the unanswered questions in my life out of my mind, so I don’t go crazy thinking about them.  And my sleep has really really been suffering and lacking.  I was awake at 4:00 a.m. this morning (on a Saturday!) to work.  Uggg.

So tomorrow morning I’m giving myself the gift of sleeping in.  No alarm.  No early morning running.  No early morning work.  Just some much needed sleep.  Sweet dreams!

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