Hip Thrusts and Bird Dogs

I decided that lifting weights is a PITA.  I know strength training is necessary for me to perform my best and, more importantly, to stay injury free.  But it is such a pain to drag myself to the gym to use the weights (I do a mix of free weights and machines) for the short time it takes me (my whole weight routine takes less than 20 minutes).  So – more often than not lately I end up skipping it.  But, remember on Sunday when I said pilates and weights would make their come back this week?  Right.  So I finally dragged my butt to the gym today and lifted weights.  And the whole time I was driving there, and then lifting, I thought about how I need to figure out a different/easier alternative.

So, imagine how excited I was to get home and get Running Time in the mail and see an article called “The Runner’s Six-Pack”, which features 6 exercises designed to improve functional fitness and strength.  And, the best part, they are all ones that you can literally do in your living room.  And, even better, the article included little pictures and instructions that I think I can actually follow/figure out.  My problem with most of the exercises that are shown in magazines is that I can never figure out how to actually do them.  But these look do-able.  They include:

  • Side Lying Leg Raise
  • Single Leg Hip Thrust*
  • Single-Leg Squat, Rear Leg Elevated
  • Single-Leg Dead Lift to Standing High Knee
  • Rotating Front/Side Plank
  • Unilateral Bird Dog*

Anyone else have other easy to do at home exercises that they swear by?  Let me know what they are so that I don’t have to go to the gym for this kind of stuff!

*Anyone else think these exercises sound like they could double as something out of Kama Sutra?  🙂

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