Breathe. Enjoy.

Today chocolate and books have been talking directly to me.  And making a heck of a lot of sense.

I know what you’re thinking:  Cindi, you’re losing it.  You are under too much stress.  You are losing your marbles if you think chocolate is talking to you.  And if you are listening to the chocolate and the books, well, maybe it’s time to see a shrink.

Nope.  I’m not losing it.  I swear that Dove dark chocolate is talking to me.  Every time I open a new one and read the message inside, it fits.  And the daily meditation book which I got a couple months ago, Journey to the Heart by Melody Beattie, well if I didn’t know any better, I’d swear that someone is coming in my house every day and moving the pages to provide me with a meditation that fits so perfectly with what is going on in my life each particular day.  Love reading the inspirational, thought-provoking passages that each day brings with this book.

Anyone else do that?  Listen to chocolate or fortune cookies or daily meditations or quotes?  I think that I must be the type of personality, especially lately, that is just looking for answers and inspiration and deeper meaning in things (in life and running) – so when I read stuff, I think I tend to look for ways to make it fit in my current life and running and whatever.  Ya know?

Anyway, this is a running blog, so I’ll spare you the life details.  But, one of the Dove chocolates today also could arguably apply to running as well as life, so I’ll share that with you. It said:  Breathe.  Enjoy.

And that I did.  My run this morning was so perfect.  7 miles in 33 degrees, no wind.  Just me and my thoughts.  Breathe.  Enjoy.  Loved every second of it.  And, as always, I am so so thankful for running and all that it does for me.  I am almost done reading The Long Run by Matt Long – and let me tell you, if that book doesn’t make a runner thankful for every second that they are able to run, then I don’t know what will.  Complete book review coming soon.  Stay tuned.

5 thoughts on “Breathe. Enjoy.

  1. Granny

    I recently had a fortune cookie say “go to Duluth, run race, get stinking drunk”. Still trying to figure out what it means. By the way, you now have competition for cutest dog. If I had a blog I’d be posting pics everywhere.

    1. Ha ha ha – THAT fortune will come true in June, for sure. Fingers crossed we both get in to the half.

      Start the blog back up and post pictures of Bella. Hope the pooping in the house isn’t out of control for too long!

  2. I love today’s blog post!! very well said I feel this way all the time. books, music an ad slogan words and saying hit us each day with inspiration, motivation and activate our brain. the quote in that piece of dove that read simply “breathe” is brilliant!! I say that often and yes it does apply to running. thanks for these words I was meant to log into twitter see you post about your blog and prompt me to read because this is just what I needed to here. the words “breathe” Thanks!

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