Lansing Marathon training, week #2

Week #2 of Lansing Marathon training is in the books!  Last week was lower mileage and not all I wanted, since there was a mini-taper for the half marathon.  This week, too, was lower mileage and not all I wanted since I was recovering from the half marathon and buried under a mountain.  I was a bit sore through Wednesday, which meant I got lazy about pilates and didn’t do weights, like I had wanted/planned.


  • Miles run: 41.7
  • Biking: 60 minutes
  • Pilates: 2 times
  • Planks/core:  yes!  I’m up to 3 planks a day, about 5 days a week.  AND one of the planks is 90 seconds.   🙂  Also mixing in some other random core stuff when I think about it.


  • M: bike 60 minutes
  • T:  5.1 miles (9:56)
  • W: 7.4 miles (8:11; 3 hill loops at MP; HMP & 10k pace)
  • Th: 5.1 miles (9:04)
  • F: 3 miles (9:23); pilates
  • Sa: 14.6 miles (8:15; with middle 7 miles at MP of 8:00 – 8:05)
  • Su:  6.5 miles (9:26); pilates

Update:  I found time for pilates tonight.  Yeah!

This week I want to pick up the pilates and weights.  For sure!

104 days til race day . . .

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