Random Saturday Ramblings

Random thoughts from today’s run:

  • It is SO crazy that it is January 7th and there still isn’t any snow to speak of.  It was 28 degrees and sunny for the start of our run – SO nice!  It did get colder and cloudy as the run progressed, but I am NOT going to complain when I can run outside in January and have decent footing and decent temps.  (Compare to one year ago, tomorrow, when I was training for Little Rock and the temp at 5:00 a.m. was -23 degrees BELOW zero!)
  • It is great to have someone in our training group who is also training for a (non-Boston) spring marathon and who is aiming for a 3:30ish marathon.  The rest of the Boston peeps are much faster than me, so if KH wasn’t training, I’d be in trouble!  And bonus for me that she is fun to talk to for hours on end while we run!
  • Here is one of my favorite parts about training:  when you can actually start to feel the effects of training and feel your body getting into race shape.  When you can feel your aerobic capacity improving, your speed getting speedier, your breathing being a little bit easier going up a hill that was  a challenge just 2 weeks ago.  And on and on.  I LOVE this feeling.  And it’s only week 2 of training!  The base-building, and incorporating a bit of speed and hills into that base-building, really helped.
  • 7 of the 14 miles we ran today were supposed to be around marathon pace.  For me and KH he wanted miles 5 -9 to be at 8:05 and miles 10 – 11 to be at 8:00.  Misson accomplished!  (8:05, 8:08, 8:03, 8:05, 8:05, 7:58, 8:02)   And the best part is that they didn’t feel all that hard.  Granted, I don’t think that right now i could run 26.2 at that pace.  But 15 weeks from now I have no doubt that I will be able to run 26.2 miles at that pace, or faster.

Random thoughts from today about life:

  • I got a MUCH needed massage today.  Wish I could afford to get a weekly massage!
  • I love me some Pinot Noir!  And if you haven’t tried Pinot with Reese’s Pieces, I’d highly recommend doing so.

2 thoughts on “Random Saturday Ramblings

  1. great blog today, great run!! I’m really proud of you and really happy for how good you feel! You are an inspiration and I hope you are always training with me and running with us you are part of the family this family we call crazy insane runners!! and yes Pinot and Reeces what a combo!! love it!! drink on my good friend…

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