Embrace Change

From a meditation book by Melody Beattie, which has been so valuable to me these past couple of months:

Embrace Change

You don’t have to fear change.  What you need to fear, a friend once told me, is things remaining the same.  When that happens, life has stopped.

Life is an evolution.  Your life is constantly, quietly evolving each moment into something new, something different, something that adds gracefully, beautifully, and perfectly to what was.  You can trust that process with all its insights, clarity, confusion, and emotion.  You can trust that process with its peace, joy, laughter and its side trips.

Learn to honor and love the process of continual evolution and transformation.  It’s how things grow.  It’s how you grow.  It’s how life is.

Learn to embrace change.


I’m not gonna lie.  I’m terrified of the changes that become official today.  But I am going to do my best to do as this passage suggests and embrace the change.  Stay tuned.


7.4 miles of hill loops with the group this morning.  The idea was to work on various paces during each loop (loops are 1.5 miles).  Marathon pace, half marathon pace, then 10k pace.  I felt good on the MP and HMP loops (8:02 and 7:42) – breathing was right where I think it should have been for those paces, even with the hills.  The 10k loop I don’t think I did fast enough (7:38).  I can do a 10k faster than that.  Still, it felt like a good workout.

5 thoughts on “Embrace Change

  1. Though I do not speak from experience and hope I never need to go through my own divorce I speak from a point of view that has seem my mother divorce 3 times. Two of witch I around to witness first hand and the third from a distance. One thing that I’ve taken away from them is that it is better to me in no relationship than an unhappy one.

    These changes or as I like to call them “lives collisions” should be embraced and taken in. Collisions aren’t always fast or violent, sometimes they are merely brief encounters or interactions. None the less we are a sum of these collisions and they make us who we are, so good or bad, enjoy them and enjoy who you are becoming.

  2. Embrace the opportunity to find happiness and fulfillment through this change. It may (okay, no doubt *will*) be a tough road, but good things are ahead for you. I know it. For now, take it one step at a time and, like Kristy said, hang in there. 🙂

  3. missy lai

    i read a quote today that was something along the lines of, “a ship is safe in the harbor but thats not what it was meant to do”

    uncharted waters are scary and unpredictable – its so much easier to hang out in the harbor but change, and forging ahead is where we are stretched. where we grow. become stronger. trying your best to embrace change is the very best you can do.. so embrace on.

    one day at a time, friend.

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