Lansing Marathon Training, Week #1

I was so excited about the HM results yesterday that I forgot to recap week #1 of Lansing Marathon training.  (Plus, the whole holiday thing is throwing me off and I’m losing track of what day we are on!)

Week #1 Summary:

  • Miles run: 37.2
  • Bike: 40 minutes
  • Pilates: 1 time (I swear I thought I did it more!)
  • Weights: 1 time
  • Planks:  5 days (2 or 3 60 second planks; 1 30 second side plank)


I feel good about the first week of training, although the mileage was a little bit light because of a mini-taper for the half marathon.  I do need to increase the strength and cross so that I can stay healthy and strong.  I have to say though, that I’m excited about the outlook for Lansing with how strong my half marathon was yesterday.

Bring on week #2!

Kristy started Boston training today with some speedy miles!  Go Kristy Go!

One thought on “Lansing Marathon Training, Week #1

  1. Ha ha! Thanks. I hope they get speedier (?) soon.

    Your HM time is so amazing. You have to feel so good about that especially during week 1 of training! Good things to come for sure!!!

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