See Ya, 2011!

Everybody’s Doing It.  The 2011 recap post.  So, since it’s 8:00 on New Years Eve and I’m at home in my PJ’s already, here you go, here’s mine:

2011 Running Stats:

2011 Running Hightlights:

2011 Life Stats and highlights:

  • Major life changes, which are difficult, but which also will make me stronger in all that I do.  3 more days until I’m officially single after 16 years of marriage.  Wow.  2012 will bring LOTS of changes!

I have to say that although 2011 was a very positive running year for me, I’m ready to be done with it.  I’m ready for whatever 2012 brings my way, in life and in running.

Happy New Year!

Bring it, 2012!

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