Free Your Mind

Someone recommended that I watch The Matrix.  My 12 year old son wanted to see it too (he’s played the video game), so we decided to watch it tonight.  (Bad mom, I know, letting the 12 year old watch an R movie; but, as he said, “I’ve seen violence and swearing before mom.”  Good point.)  I pretty much fall asleep during EVERY movie that I attempt to watch at home.  Maybe because I’m going, going, going all day, every day – so when I finally sit down and be still, the eyes get soooo heavy.  Or maybe it’s the large glass of Pinot that I sip on during a movie that makes me so tired.  Whatever.

So, I really wanted to like The Matrix.  And stay awake for all of it.  The good news:  it’s on right now and I’m awake.  The bad news:  I’m just not into it and the only reason I’m still awake is that there was an AWESOME quote in it that totally relates to my running, so I decided to blog about the quote while (sort of) watching the rest of the movie.  (And, for the record, my son is bored with it too and is playing on the other laptop as I type!).

So, without further ado, the awesome quote from The Matrix:

What are you waiting for?  You’re faster than this.  Don’t THINK you are, KNOW you are.  Let it all go:  fear, doubt, disbelief.  Free your mind.

This TOTALLY sounds like words that Coach MB hammered into me all summer.  Words that are so true.  Words that made a huge difference for me in my last round of marathon training.  Words that made me finally, after 7 disappointing marathons, have one that I felt great about.  Words that got me a real BQ.

I really truly believe that the difference between a bad (or so-so) race and a good race is believing in yourself.  Believing that you can do it.  KNOWING that you can do it.  I think most endurance atheletes (and most people in general, in whatever they do) have fear, doubt and disbelief inside of them.  We wonder, “can we really run that fast, for that far?”  We doubt our training and our ability to reach our goals.  We don’t always believe we can accomplish our goals.  It’s normal to have fear, doubt and disbelief.  BUT, during training and DEFINITELY during race day, we DO need to free our mind and push the fear, doubt and disbelief aside.  We need to trust, have confidence and KNOW that we can accomplish our goals.  And then we will.   I really do believe this.

This is a running blog, so I do try to (mostly) relate everything to running.  But I think this quote equally applies to life in general.  Life is scary.  Change in life is scary.  There is so much of which to be afraid, doubtful and disbelieving.  And for each and every thing in our life we have a choice to make.  Do you want to let fear, doubt and disbelief dicate the outcome, or do you want to take charge of your own destiny and shape your own outcome?  So what are you waiting for?  Let it all go: fear, doubt and disbelief.  Free your mind.  Shape your own destiny.

(And, for the record, I would have chosen the blue pill and gone back to sleep in my warm cozy bed.)

One thought on “Free Your Mind

  1. I recently watched it with my 12 year old son, and loved it. I saw it once before, but didn’t get into it.

    I wish we could all load a program into us which gives us all the skill we need. “Neo, load me 100 World Record”

    Gotta run…… Centurians are coming

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