A non-running (but still good!) day

Today was a great day.  And guess what it WASN’T filled with?  Running!   I woke up planning to do the 5 – 6 mile easy run that was on the schedule, but my legs just felt like they needed a break.  So I did pilates instead.  And THREE 60 second planks!  🙂  And then had a great day filled with lots of productive work stuff, a belated holiday lunch, quality time with the kids and really, just being, and enjoying all the good, positive things that are in my life right now.

But, really, I can’t wait to wake up in the morning and run.  I know that most of the people who read my blog get that.  Days off are necessary, and even good.  But they leave me itching to get out there.

One thought on “A non-running (but still good!) day

  1. Sweet! And dang, I guess you are throwing the gauntlet down on planks…. 🙂
    Happy trails tomorrow! Hope it isn’t too slick! I was disappointed to come home today to cold, wind and sleet – boo. But it does make for some serious bad-assery. Go get it and have a great last day of the year run.

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