Hill repeats! And pushups!

Hill workout #1 of the Lansing Marathon training cycle is in the books!   8 miles w/ 4 x .30 hill repeats (I’ll have to ask coach what he estimates the grade of the hill is) mixed in the middle.  The goal on the repeats was to push yourself to about marathon pace (pace not effort).  On the last one we did it as an “Indian Run”, where we ran up in a line, the last person sprinted to front of line while person in front sets pace, then the next person at end sprints to front, etc.  Thank goodness we did this to distract me from how tired I was, because by the 4th hill repeat I was ready to quit.  The last one (Indian run style) ended up being my fastest repeat – no surprise since almost all of the 10 people that were there are speedsters, so they really pushed me on the pace.  Paces were: 8:03, 8:10; 8:19 and 7:52.  Disappointing, if my goal was marathon pace, but not horrible since it’s the first of 17 weeks of training.

Oh – and at the top of the first two hill repeats, we had to drop and do 10 pushups.  Hopefully coach isn’t reading this blog:  I cheated and only did 8 and 5 pushups.  I hate those things.  I’m so weak!  Especially when doing them after hauling ass up a steep hill!

So what IS my marathon pace?  Still undecided on goal, obviously, since I really need to see how things go with training.  BUT, in general I’m thinking anywhere between 3:34 – 3:39 for marathon finishing time.  Which puts marathon pace between 8:10 – 8:21 (faster, actually b/c that is for 26.2 and I need to account for course measuring long if I don’t run tangents right, which I never do).  SO – when I look at it this way, I guess the hill workout was right where it should be.  For some reason I had 8:00 as my marathon pace in mind.  I think because that would be about 3:29ish and I DO think I’m capable of sub 3:30 this year.  Maybe not in Lansing, maybe Chicago?  Since my PR is 3:42:14, 12 minutes seems ambitious for the first marathon of 2012.  We’ll see!


Has anyone tried the Godiva Truffle Bar with Souffle filling in Dark Chocolate?  Holy crap!  220 calories of pure heaven!  Should put me on my way towards gaining weight! 🙂

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