I’m Shrinking!

I weighed myself today for first time in a month and even though I eat 10 Christmas cookies a day, I’m down pounds.  Stress?  Maybe.  Based on previous races and how I feel at certain weights, I think my ideal race weight is 118 (I’m 5’7.  At least I was at one point; I may also be shrinking in height and may now be 5’6.5).  I’m now 3 pounds under my ideal race weight.  I know, rough problem to have, when most people seem to be trying to drop a few pounds.  But, at 118 I feel stronger and healthier.  I don’t feel super healthy right now and feel like I could be stronger.  SO – I will focus on eating more, but healthier options too.  And I will focus on the strength stuff to also get my weight up.

Today’s focus:  cross training and strength, just like I said I would.  So far, so good on listening to my own advice and taking the easy days easy.  Did the stationary bike for 40 minutes and then eased back into weights (it’s been many many many months since I’ve lifted weights!) with 4 different leg exercises and 2 different arm exercises (all on machines; sorry Adam!)

Ok – it’s now 8:45 p.m. and I haven’t done my planks.  Better sign off and see if I can do 3 of those bad boys before bedtime.  Night, all!

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