Kicking Off Lansing Marathon Training!

Day One of Lansing Marathon training kicked off today!  Yipee!  Love, love, love starting a new training cycle.  This will be a 17 week training plan for me, because I’m training with the group that is going to Boston and they started their 16 week training plan today.

So, the kick-off workout, with the group, ended up being 8.25 miles.  Warm up easy for 15 minutes, then 6 x 6060’s (huh?), then easy miles, then 2 x 6060’s (huh?), then easy til the end.  What is a 6060, you ask?  (I did too, I’ve never done these with coach before).  It’s a new thing he’s trying.  60 seconds at faster than 5k, with 60 seconds active recovery (about 90 seconds slower than the faster than 5k pace).  The point of them was to be able to recover sufficiently during the active recovery part to still be able to do the 60 seconds at the same just-under 5k pace.  When Coach MB said what the workout would be, truthfully I was a little disappointed.  I thought, “I came all the way here for a group workout and all we’re doing is a few 60 second bursts of speed?”  As usual, I underestimated the workout.  By the 4th 60 second speed burst, I was spent.  Numbers 5 and 6 were tough for me.  It also didn’t help that some of these were up gradual hills.  And, when we got to the other 2 60 second bursts, they were directly into the crazy (20 mph) wind.  SO – it was a great workout.  I know it was more difficult for me than the rest of the group because there were only 5 of us there today (b/c people are still on vacation) and the ones that were there are all ultra speedy.  So, when we were doing our “easy” warm up miles and the “easy” miles after the speed bursts, those miles were at what is basically just a touch slower than my marathon pace.  Ended up with 8.25 miles in 1:06:23 (8:04 pace avg.)

I love kicking off the training week with a decent workout.  One thing that I always disliked about the Pfitz plans I followed was starting the week with a rest day.  Seemed odd (and, of course, I never did that; I mixed things up b/c it would bug me too much otherwise).  So, in general the next 17 training weeks will look like this:

  • Mondays:  speed days with group (alternating tempo, intervals and things like the 6060’s)
  • Tuesdays:  rest or cross/strength on our own
  • Wednesday:  hills with group (remember, I’m training with the Boston peeps, even though I won’t need much hill work for Lansing, it will be a great strength builder!)
  • Thursday:  7 – 9 mile maintenance pace run on own
  • Friday:  rest or cross/strength on own
  • Saturday:   long run w/ group
  • Sunday:  recovery run on own
I’m not sure what he has planned for us for peak/average weekly mileage.  During the summer it was around 40 mpw.  My guess is the mileage will be higher since most of this group are training for Boston and therefore “more serious” runners (though I would say I’m just as “serious” about this as they are!).  I love me some high mileage (I’m on track to finish the year with just under 2200 miles), so bring it!
My challenge, I think, will be to really really take the rest/cross/easy/recovery days easy. I will need to make sure to do this, probably even more so than the others, because the days that I run with the group end up being a harder workout, for me, than for them because I’m one of the slowest ones so when they run the warm up/cool down easy, I have to run it at a good clip to keep up with them.  I’m NOT complaining, I know that this type of thing is what helped me qualify for Boston 2013.   So, I really need to try to pay attention to nursing the old body on the easier days.

In other exciting news, I managed to do planks 6 of the 7 days last week, working my way up to TWO 60 second planks, and 1- 30 second side plan on each side.  Goal by the end of this week:  3 – 60 second planks and 2 – 30 second side planks.  Baby steps.

I am SO excited to be starting training.  I need the distraction from life issues, the focus and the endorphin therapy.  Only 117 days til race day!

9 thoughts on “Kicking Off Lansing Marathon Training!

  1. 60 seconds is a long time when you are running hard and that’s not a very long recovery!

    For whatever reason, side planks are WAY easier for me than the “easy” ones…I have no idea why. Keep up the good work!!

      1. Right now, my left side is weak from the surgery. Before they felt pretty equal. I can’t easily lift and the hold the top leg right now on either side while in an extended arm side plank…my glutes are still weak and it’s taking time to build them up without stressing my hip joint too much.

        Planks are such a great and simple strength builder!!!

        Do you do a lot of single leg bridges? It should help to “equal” the strength issues you are having w/ your right side–at least you’ll know if it’s your glute. Food for thought, they are another stupid simple exercise to do while watching TV.

        OK—of to PT where I KNOW I’ll be doing a crap load of both of these 🙂

  2. My training plan (which I’m almost finished with–can’t believe it!) featured that very workout several times, and I LOVE it. In fact, I’m doing it tomorrow.

    GOOD LUCK and congrats on embarking on this new adventure.

    1. So how many do you do now? Coach is a bit sadistic (in a good way) and mentioned something about being able to do a bunch more of these in a row by the time we are at the tail end of our training.

      You are SO ready for Houston! So excited for you!

  3. Cindi – you are off to a great start! Those fast 60s will really benefit your maximal speed, lactate-threshold velocity, and running economy, all great things to improve for your marathon. I believe you are going to have a terrific day in Lansing!

  4. 6060s – yikes! I heard of them before (never did them though). Definitely sounds deceptively tough.

    I have to get started with the plank a day.

    look out lansing! keep up those workouts and you will KILL it!

  5. Tom Spence

    Oh Cindi,
    I forgot to tell you I am in training for next years Halloween fundraiser for Megs Cross Country team! Since before Christmas I run up 1 block of hills(Gale woods) 2 times a day.

    Should get me a better time than last year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love Mom

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