My wish for today: peace

My pledge for today, Christmas Eve (inspired by someone wise who reminded me of this stuff!):

Today I will not worry about the changes that are happening.  Today I will not worry about the future and how things might pan out.  Today I will not worry about things that I cannot control.  Today I will not let life stress bring me down.  The life stress will still be there after the holidays and I can deal with it then!

Instead, today I will enjoy every minute that I get to spend with the kids, starting new holiday traditions with them.  Today I will go to church and thank God for the blessings that I DO have and not worry about all that I don’t have.  Today I will eat yummy treats, drink yummy wine, and watch the kids open their gifts.  Today I will make happy holiday memories with the kids, my parents, sister, niece and extended family.  Today I will relax and enjoy the many good, positive things that are in my life.  Today I will be at peace.


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