Game on!

Sounds like the other blond running lawyer may be trying to show me up with her planking.  Well, GAME ON!  I did TWO 60 second planks this morning!  🙂

No run today – ugggg – BUT it was one of those days, so I did make sure to take care of myself.

With Christmas shopping (and, yes, I decided to buy presents for myself this year!), eating treats, baking cookies and drinking red wine!

Ultra cute BRIGHT pink lulu hustle run jacket.  SO warm and comfy and cute!  Looks great with my skirt and heels, huh?  And, yes, that may be a Hot Mama bag that you see in the background with more Christmas gifts for myself.

Lulu jacket from front, at home.  It almost made me want to go for a run, but I had baking and drinking to do.

One rolo for the cookie, one rolo for Cindi.  Repeat.

These are seriously the most delicious cookies ever!  I am addicted to them.  I will not tell you how many I have eaten today, or this holiday season.  Recipe for the caramel-filled chocolate cookies here.

5 thoughts on “Game on!

  1. Ha – my abs were so sore yesterday, I swear it threw my gait off during the first mile of my run. Maybe easing into those bad boys would have been a better idea! I definitely need to keep it up though! Love the new jacket! And those cookies look fabulous. But I am resisting clicking on the recipe linke – trying to behave over the holidays….

  2. LOVE that jacket (sadly i don’t have it)! my lulu addiction is getting out of control. i always rationalize it by thinking about how many hours we spend in running clothes per week!

  3. i finally got myself to a lululemon store last week after hearing so many great things…i was practically paralyzed by how much i wanted EVERYTHING! i ended up getting a running hat with a little hole for my pony tail, very cute and practical. promised myself i’d go back once i move to nyc to buy a winter running outfit as my i got into grad school reward. 🙂

    those cookies look AMAZING cindi! i love rolos – haven’t had them in ages!

    happy holidays!!

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