Things I’m Loving Now

There are so many things about today that I loved:

Unexpected emails, calls and contact from people who care.  You know who you are.  Thank you!  It means more than you know to hear from people during this crazy time.

Holiday treats.  I LOVE this week at work, with all the holiday treats from clients and other attorneys that get delivered.  Chocolates, cashews and more!  Yum!  And keep the comments to yourself about how the fruit basket looks untouched.  I’m saving it for next week.  😉

Red wine.  Enough said.

Holiday dinner plans with the Girls 10 group.  We decided to skip the cookie exchange this year and head straight to food and wine.  Stay tuned for pictures.

The return of real workouts.  Today I “made up” the workout I missed with the group last night.  Got 8 miles done w/ the following speedy stuff mixed in the middle:  2 x 800m at 7:06 pace, 90 second recovery jog, 1 mile at 7:10 pace, 3 minute recovery jog, 2 x 800 m at 7:00 pace.  The point of the workout wasn’t all out speed, but was to feel 10k/HM pace.  Ummm, I believe coach was a bit ambitious with the paces there.  I don’t think I’ll be running a 1:34 HM any time soon.  10k pace, maybe.  Anyway, it felt like a REAL workout today.  And it cleared way for all those holiday treats in my stomach.

Oh – and in other exciting news, I did another plank today.  I can just feel those ripped abs developing under all the holiday treats!


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