Starting on a New Ending . . .

It’s All About Me, week #2 did not go so well.  I focused on everyone BUT me, with a crazy busy week filled with holiday stuff, volunteer stuff, kid stuff and life headaches.  I had crappy nutrition – eating next to nothing one day and then binge eating peanut-butter balls and pizza the next day.   I let life craziness interfere with my planned return to lifting weights.  I am feeling really down.   I have isolated myself -cancelling plans that I had with a friend for dinner and with running peeps for group runs.

I KNOW all of this that I let happen this week is not good and that next week needs to be more about me, so that I am better able to handle life and make the holidays fun for the kids.  So I’m crossing my fingers that I can focus on myself this week!

Jeez, I’m sure my 5 readers will be dropping like flys and deleting me from their readers if I continue with this depressing attitude on the blog.  Enough!


I am happy that I was still able to maintain decent base-building mileage this week and have a few quality workouts.  My running week:

  • M: 6 miles w/ 5 x 2 min at 8:00 (8:49)
  • T:  pilates abs
  • W: 7.2 miles w/3 faster hill loops (8:00)
  • Th: 7.3 miles (8:18)
  • F:  3.7 miles (9:27)
  • Sa:  rest
  • Su:  14 miles (8:17)

I am also, as always, SO thankful that I am healthy and able to run.  Now, more than ever, I need running to clear my head, give me perspective and get me active.  Today was crazy beautiful out, for December 18th, with 40 degrees (wind though) and sun while I ran.  My 14 miles just flew by and did allow me to sort through some stuff that needed sorting through.  So so thankful for running and all that it does for me.  There is definitely truth to that saying “Running Is Cheaper Than Therapy”.

This next week is the last base building week and then Lansing Marathon training officially kicks off on December 26th!  I’m satisfied with my base building weeks, mileage and quality wise, but definitely know I need to add in some extras during training (as spelled out by my Coach MB in his most recent blog post).  I know if I try to incorporate all these extras right off the bat I will be setting myself up for failure, so I’m hoping to pick a few and work on them, and hopefully the other stuff will follow.  I’m thinking pilates, weights and sleep.  My mileage for the last 7 weeks of base building has been:  38.1; 33.7; 35.2; 40; 35.5; 41.8; 38.2.  My long runs haven’t been quite so great, with today’s 14 being the longest since Twin Cities.  However, I was pleased with it’s pace (8:17), that I did it without stopping (which I would have if I had been w/ the group) and that the last two miles of it were 7:55 and 7:44.


Finally, if you want to be inspired and think about what you shouldn’t be doing in your life (and, conversely, what you should be doing), take a look at this blog post that my sister sent me a link to today:  30 Things To Stop Doing To Yourself.  Holy crap!  When I read through this list, at least 1/2 of them applied to me in ways that are spot-on.   My guess is they apply to you too.  My favorite quote, from the beginning of the post, is “Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”  I hope I can take some of these things, and my New Year Resolutions, to heart and start NOW with making a new ending.  Here’s hoping for a happy ending!

4 thoughts on “Starting on a New Ending . . .

  1. I’m still here 🙂

    My readership has changed from mostly runners to people who are having FAI hip problems. Sad, but good, since when I was trying to research runners who have had my surgery I couldn’t find anything detailed.

  2. Me too. Sorry you had a rough week. Must mean you are due for a good one.

    Some speedy miles in there! I have a feeling you have some very fast marathons in you in the future and you are currently no where near your PR.

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