Crying DOES get you off with just a warning!

What a day.

Lessons learned today:

  • Sometimes you think you have things figured out, and then you realize what you thought was real wasn’t.  And that sucks.
  • Running 3.75 slow miles before work is better than running nothing at all.  The snooze button was way too tempting this morning and I pressed it so many times that I almost didn’t have time for any miles.  Thank goodness I decided to head out for 40 minutes because with the way my day went, I needed those miles.
  • Eating only a blueberry muffin for breakfast, and then nothing else all day is NOT a good thing.   On my way home at 7:00 tonight I got pulled over for speeding and the cop thought I had been drinking (I hadn’t! I was just dizzy from not eating and exhausted from the day’s events).  Thank goodness he let me off with just a warning – pretty sure the tears (which were not fake; I needed a good cry today and getting pulled over was as good of a reason as any) swayed him into not ticketing me.
  • No matter how bad I think things are for me, at least I can afford toys for my kids.  744 kids in our community will be getting toys from our Toys For Tots program tomorrrow and I’m sure the stress that their parents face is worse than my stress.

I need tomorrow to be a better day.

2 thoughts on “Crying DOES get you off with just a warning!

  1. Tomorrow absolutely *will* be a better day. I’m sorry you had one of *those* days.
    I have to say–I sometimes wish I forgot to eat sometimes. I never forget to eat. I think I’d still eat if Armageddon arrived. :^)

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