Today I was reminded that there are certain things I cannot control, so I need to just try to relax, not stress about them and hope that they will work out for the best.  Sort of like marathon race day – where you can’t control the weather, what others around you do, etc. and you just need to hope for the best.  It’s just SO SO hard for Type-Ultra A people like myself to relax and go with the flow.  Gonna redouble my efforts to Chill The F out!

Today was SO insanely busy.  Was so thankful that I forced myself out of bed and got a workout done utlra-early, before the day spiraled out of control (which I knew it would, because my to-do list was 10,000 items long).  Although the group was running, I decided to save myself the extra hour it takes to drive there and back to meet them, and just get the workout done on my own instead.  Got 6 miles done w/ 5 x 2 minutes at about 90% of marathon pace, with 2 min. recovery between sets.  Was a fairly easy workout.

Was planning on doing more pilates and core work this week.  Epic fail so far.  Maybe tomorrow!

One thought on “Control!

  1. I can totally relate! I haven’t been getting my core/weights stuff in as well either, but there is SO much going on. Just when I think it’s ending, something else comes up that was even more insane than the prior item. Sigh.

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