All-About-Me Week #1

It’s All-About-Me, Week #1 has come to a close.   What was it filled with?

Work!  Work itself always seems to slow down in December, but the end of the year admin and accounting stuff always seems to take so much time.

About 30 hours of volunteer work for Toys For Tots.  Since I’m coordinating it for Buffalo this year, the bulk of the work falls on me, even though I have many great individuals who volunteer their time.  This week was the deadline for needy families to apply and our distribution day is next Saturday, so my time was filled with: sorting and counting 1697 toys (which were donated to us); organizing my volunteers; responding to last minute application concerns; mailing out 300 confirmation letters (i.e. stuffing, licking and stamping envelopes); shopping for the larger toys which don’t get donated (spending $7,000+ at walmart! brought Meg and her friends to help shop for the teens!); figuring out where I’m going to get more money to buy the rest of the toys next week; filling out all kinds of paperwork documenting the toys we received and funds we spent.  Busy, busy, busy!  But very worth it.  It has really opened my eyes to the magnitude of what is involved in providing toys to families in need and has REALLY opened my eyes to the amount of need in our small community.  Makes me very thankful that I can afford presents for my kids.  Imagine having to worry about how to provide a couple toys for your kids.  I have to say, though, that I will be relieved when distribution day is over next week.  Although being coordinator has been rewarding, it has been a major time drain and I will be relieved to be done with it until next Fall.

30+ shopping carts of toys!  That’s me way up there, paying for all the goods!

Experimenting with cooking.  One of the challenges of this divorce thing, for me, will be cooking/feeding the kids and myself, since I only did about 10% of our cooking (and when I did cook it was just for me and the kids and it was either tacos, spaghetti with a jar of sauce, pancakes or pizza).   I never bothered to learn to cook because my husband was so good at it and so every time I tried, I would feel intimidated and like what I did wasn’t good enough.  It was easier not to bother to learn to cook and to just have everything cooked for me.  Since I know this needs to change, I have looked into cooking classes, bought a cookbook (soups), and have looked through our existing recipes/books.  The results:  I actually tried different things and the kids ate them without complaint (and a couple times with a smile on their faces!).  I haven’t attempted anything fancy, but the things I have done are new, for me.  It’s almost embarrassing to blog about, but the things that were successful were:  baked potatoes and homemade chicken noodle soup (not together!).  Baby steps.

Mine didn’t look QUITE this good, but close.

Anyone have any links to sure-fire, easy recipes that I can add to the 6 things I now know how to make?

Taking care of Norah.  We are not only alternating having the kids with us, but also doing the same with Norah.  So I made time for her.  She mostly napped.  🙂

Yes, my new comforter is pink, now that I’m on my own.  🙂

Hanging with the kids.  They are both so busy with sports (basketball and nordic skiing) and related events, but it was nice that they both had a little bit of downtime this weekend and we were able to hang out.

I know what you are thinking:  Cindi, this doesn’t look like much of an “All About Me” week.  What did you do for YOU?  

I did manage to run a decent amount, about 41 miles with some quality in several of the runs.

I did also manage to eat about 40 Christmas cookies, which always makes me happy.

After reading my meditation-of-the-day today (jeez, I really sound old and pathetic, don’t I???), I was reminded that I need to make some me time.  It said, in part:

Make Time To Play.  Go play.  Yes, take a break and go play.  When your head starts to pound and your back starts to ache, stop.  Do something you want to do.  Do something that feels good, feels fun. Leave your worries behind.  Put them in a box, then close it and go play.  

So, after reading that, I ran 8.5 miles and then went shopping (and bought myself a new black coat, which I have needed for EIGHT years!).

Finally, as part of my All-About-Me effort, I managed to drink a glass of red wine every day.  🙂  Just enough to relax me, not enough to make me drag and skip my run the next day.  Just right.  🙂

I even drank red wine, by myself, at a bar.

So, all in all, it was a decent first week of All-About-Cindi.  I can tell, however, that I am going to need to force myself to plan things, with people, to get out each week.  It seems like it would be really easy to get in a funk from being alone too much.  So if anyone wants to invite me out for wine, treats or a run, feel free!

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