Bring on the cold!

Well today I followed Adam’s advice and ate as many Christmas cookies as I wanted.  Ended up with 6 chocolate rolo ones (SO delicious!). Which isn’t all that many, except I didn’t do any running today, or ANY sort of exercise.  Complete rest day.  And I feel like a lazy slug!  I know rest days are important, but mentally i really needed a workout today.  But Toys For Tots and kid craziness interfered.

So, even though tomorrow will be our coldest morning of the year so far (-6 windchill when I run; Wheeeee!), I’ll be out there!  I NEED my run tomorrow.  And really, the cold doesn’t bug me as long as the footing is clear, which it should be.

Speaking of cold weather running, I just registered for the Polar Dash Half Marathon on New Year’s Day.  I’ll be by myself (i.e. it won’t be my turn to have the kids) New Years Eve and Day, so I figured I should plan something that I like.  Running 13 miles sounds like a great way to start 2012 to me!  Anyone else racing on New Years?

My 2012 race calendar is shaping up!  2 half marathons and 2 marathons on the schedule so far.  Fun stuff!

One thought on “Bring on the cold!

  1. Remember if its to cold you have the wrong gear.

    I’ve slowly getting myself back into the late night runs and forcing myself to step out the door. I’ve quickly remembered that the first half mile is the toughest.

    Hope all this well!

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