Wow!  I am overwhelmed by the outpouring of support, kindness, words of wisdom and love that I have received in response to my New Year Resolutions post.  Not just here, but on facebook comments, FB messages, emails and in person.  And not just from friends and family, but from readers/followers who I’ve never actually met, but who have become friends over the years of blogging here and on blogger, and from my internet running club group.  THANK YOU!

Some things I learned from my post, and my situation in general:

  • There are so many genuinely good people, willing to reach out and be a friend.  I’m excited about the opportunity to get to know many of you better (running, book clubbing, or drinking wine!).
  • I’ve also learned that there are people who I considered to be friends, but apparently I was wrong.  It’s too bad in a divorce that people feel like they have to choose sides and abandon the other side.  Silly, really.  It’s the couple that divorces eachother.  They don’t divorce friends and family.  I’m truly sad about the lost opportunity to continue certain friendships.  Hopefully these are just temporary reactions to the situation.


In running news, since this is a running blog, I am excited to say that this week I feel like the workouts are productive, and I’m regaining fitness.  I’m still not where I was pre-TCM (of course, not yet), but I am starting to feel better about things.  I’ve had some great workouts already this week:  6 miles of trails (hills, real trails, through snow, over logs!) on Sunday, recovery 6 on Monday, 7  miles with 3 at tempo on Tuesday (tempo Tuesday is back!), and 7 miles with about 3 miles of hills (at MP/faster) today.  I am SO excited to see what this round of training brings.  I sense good things!


In other news:  I’m out of control with my Christmas Cookie eating.  Let’s just say I’ve basically eaten a cookie for every mile I’ve run each day.  You do the math!  Yikes!

3 thoughts on “Wow!

  1. Granny

    Fuck it, eat as many cookies as you want. The people that took sides didn’t want to, they felt obligated to and can’t handle confrontation. It happens in every divorce in history. Reach out to them and let them know you want to be friends when and if they’re ready. They can’t come back to you without an invitation from you. You’re strong as hell, everything will turn out okay.

  2. Divorce sucks (been there, done that), but in the end you come out a stronger person. Keep the training going. You will kick Lansing in the ass. Now, I just need to register for that!

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