The F-Bomb!

You all know that I love the F-Bomb, right?  I mean, each of my marathon recaps keeps an F-Bomb count.  I did a search on my blog and 16 posts came up with the word “F-bomb” in it.  And one of my race reports was even titled “Tears and F-Bombs“.   It’s such a versatile word.  It quickly and efficiently expresses so much.  Enough said.  🙂

So imagine my excitement when an f-bomb arrived at my office, via special delivery, from the other (faster!) blond  running lawyer!  Behold, the f-bomb:

An f-bomb paperweight!  How cool is that?!  And how cool is it that someone who I have never met in real life, and instead only gotten to know through blogging and kickrunners, cares enough to send me an f-bomb special delivery?!  Thank you Mindi!

5 thoughts on “The F-Bomb!

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