Lessons Learned

Lessons learned today:

  • Biking at 5:00 a.m. just doesn’t cut it for me.  Didn’t even really feel like a workout.  But, after yesterday’s speed, coach thought easy cross was in order, so biking it was.
  • Sometimes you just have to lay it all out there and hope for the best.
  • Shopping is a good stress reliever.
  • I am SO much more productive when I’m actually training for a marathon.  It keeps me focused.
  • I LOVE Christmas season – all the cookies and treats!  I’m going to have some down time next week, during which I’ll be doing a lot of baking.
  • People, including many of you blog readers, are so kind!  Thank you to those of you who emailed or commented with your concern about my stress and changes lately.  It means a lot to have support.  Thank you!

One thought on “Lessons Learned

  1. i am way more productive when i’m training for a marathon too. it forces me to schedule my day around my run, which i HAVE to get in.

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