Monday Madness

Back to the dreaded treadmill today.  This time for some speedy stuff.  Here was my 5:00 a.m. workout.

Treadmill: 1% incline

Warm up: 10 minutes @ 6.9 mph

4x 2 minutes @ 8.0mph with 1 minute @ 6.7 recovery in between

Then 10 minutes recovery at 6.7 mph

5 minutes @ 8mph (took 30 second recovery jog 1/2 way through)
1 minute rest @ 6.9 mph
4 minutes @ 8.3 mph (took 30 second recovery jog 1/2 way through)
1 minute @ 6.9 mph
3 minutes @ 8.6 mph (took 30 second recovery jog 1/2 way through)
1 minute @ 6.2 mph
2 minutes @ 8.8 mph
1 minute @ 6.2 mph
1 minute @ 9.2 mph
Then into 8 1/2 minute cool down @ 6.2 mph

It ended up being 7.15 miles in 60 minutes.  I didn’t hit the paces prescribed by Coach MB, and couldn’t do the entire intervals without stopping, but not because I’m out of shape – because I HATE the treadmill.  If I had been able to do the workout outside, it would have been easy for me to hit the paces I was supposed to and to do each interval without taking a break.  But when I’m on the treadmill every single second – every single step – seems SO SO slow.  And I start to let my head fill with negative thoughts about my ability to finish.  So I let myself quit (well, not quit, modify the workout).  It was definitely a good workout for a Monday morning, but left me feeling irritated that I wasn’t able to do it properly (I made the recovery paces slower; I also misread the first 4×2 minute intervals and thought they were supposed to be at 8.0, they were actually supposed to be at 8.5; I also needed the recovery jogs mid-interval on the 5, 4, 3 minute ones).

Anyway.  Moving forward.


SO busy with Toys For Tots stuff all day today.  I’ve said it before, but the amount of work that is behind the scenes to make it all work for the community is crazy!

Excitement for tomorrow:  cut and foil.  Much needed!


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