Today was all about change.  Lots of changes happening around these parts.

So in keeping with today’s theme of Changes, today’s run was at a different time (late afternoon) and a different place (Buffalo) than my usual workout.    As I watched the sun begin to set over Buffalo Lake, I was thought about change and how even though change is scary, it’s sometimes necessary and, most often, things will work out the way they are meant to be in the end.  I truly believe that.


Finished off the week with 40 miles (woot!  first time hitting 40 since pre-TCM!), pilates 2 times and 125 minutes of biking.  I feel good about the week, workout wise.  But, I don’t feel good about where my body is at physically.  I have been letting the stress get to me and haven’t been eating enough, or eating properly.  Need to focus on better nutrition this week.


2 thoughts on “Changes

  1. Pretty photo of the lake!

    I love your attitude towards all the craziness in your life! Please take care of yourself, hit up Whole Foods prepared foods area and load up on healthy eats without all the work!

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