Just What the Doctor Ordered!

Today, for the first time since before Twin Cities, I ran with the LFC marathon training group.  It was JUST what I needed.  Low stress, adult conversation (not adult, as in X-rated, adult as in not talking just to my kids, which is what I’ve mostly been doing the past couple weeks).   Further than I’ve run since pre-TCM (12.5 miles).  Faster than I’ve run since pre-TCM (8:26 pace).  And hillier than I’ve run since pre-TCM.

I am amazed how much fitness I’ve lost.  The hills weren’t even super hilly and the pace wasn’t even super fast, yet I felt winded, slow and out of shape.  Still, being with a great group of like-minded people was SO what I needed today!  I feel energized, inspired and motivated.  Just what the doctor ordered!

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